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WWW Anonymous Remailer Interface README

Version 2.0
May 10, 1994

This interface is an HTML Form.If you are not familiar with
HTML or forms, please see:

HTML primer:

URL Primer:

Forms Primer:

NCSA HTTPD Setup help:

CGI (along with Forms) Help:

In general, if you don't know about the WWW, then you should
not be seting up an Anonymous Remailer Interface.  Also, if you
are not an administrator of a WWW site, there is currently no way
to run the Interface, since the compiled code must be located in
the cgi-bin directory.


1) Put the HTML file in the spot you want the remailer to sit,
   and make a link to it from some other document if you want.
   Look through the top of and change any of the
   variables you need to.  Definately check $active, $firstmailer,
   $URL and $sendmail (actually, that's all the vars there are).
3) Move the remailer into place:

  mv /usr/local/etc/httpd/cgi-bin
  (or wherever you CGI-bin disrectory is)

4) That's it.  I recomend that you run a copy of Hal's remailer
   on your system so that you can send mail straight out of the
   interface into your remailer -- that's the way this was
   really intended to be used.  Besides, Hal's remailer is
   really easy to set up and it's a great benefit to the world.


When you add new remailer buttons to the HTML form, you *NO NOT*
need to edit  When you move the interface,
etc, then you do need to edit the $URL variable, etc.

I plan to keep adding features to the interface, but I will
keep up to date on it's modifications.


This will be available at the following location:

This was written by Nate Sammons 
Any comments, flames, suggestions, etc should be sent to me.

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